Into Darkness (3 track single)

Released October 2014

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All Your Bass (Original Club Mix)

Released August 2014

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Deep Blue

Released August 2012


The album has been released in two formats.  A CD, containing a continuous mix, plus 3 bonus tracks and a digital release with variations of many of the tracks.  The variations were created so that the main album tracks had clean starts and ends, as many digital stores are unable to handle albums with seamless joins between tracks.

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CD Release tracklisting

Adrift / Wave Rider / Descent / Eastern tides / Requiem / Deep Blue / H2O / The Island / Wave Rider (remix) / H2O (edit) / The Island (edit)


Digital Release tracklisting


Adrift / Wave Rider / Descent / Eastern tides / Requiem / Deep Blue / H2O / The Island / Wave Rider (remix) / H2O (edit) / The Island (edit) / Deep Blue Suite part 1 (Adrift / Wave Rider / Descent / Eastern Tides / Requiem)* / Deep Blue Suite part 2 (Deep Blue / H2O / The Island)*


The two suite tracks recreate the continuous mix of the CD release, giving digital listeners the option to listen to either the individual tracks, with clean starts and ends, or as a continuous suite of music.


Deep Blue Part 2 (Single)

Released February 2012


This single was released as a taster for the Deep Blue album.  At the time of release, the album tracks did not have individual names, unlike the eventual release, which is why the track is named “Deep Blue Part 2” here but Waverider on the album release.

Track Listing

Deep Blue part 2 (remix) – 3:47

This release is no longer available, but the same track was released as part of the Deep Blue album.




All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Released August 2011

All your base are belong to us

This is a 140bpm Electronic Dance Music tune, heavily inspired by the Pump Panel mix of New Order’s Confusion, as seen in the film Blade.  Three mixes were released as an EP, featuring the Radio Edit, Club and Extended mixes.

Track listing

All Your Base Are Belong To Us – Radio Edit – 3:53

All Your Base Are Belong To Us – Club Mix – 8:00

All Your Base Are Belong To Us – Extended Mix – 5:35


Available from iTunes, Amazon, eMusic or BandCamp


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